Adidas Superstar
''Adidas Superstars make you larger than life!'' A playful and dynamic short of a girl in New York City wearing her new Adidas Superstar shoes.
A Wilb.Studio Project
Strange Visitors Amsterdam
Every year Amsterdam is visited by a lot of people - But these visitors are a little different....
A Wilb.Studio Project
Bath & Bodyworks - Holiday Story
A charming holiday animation created for Bath and Body Works, featuring a delightful little mouse named Nora. By Adrian&Gidi.
A freelance project for Adrian&Gidi
Pots & Plants
A - happy, short and snappy - animation about filling your house with plants.
A Wilb.Studio Project
This 3D stopmotion style animation is made for the beauty brand L'Occitane. We made this video to celebrate the holidays and showcasing their Advent Calendar.
A freelance project for Adrian&Gidi
In Nature
Spending time in nature can be wonderful. This series of animations explores some of the simple pleasures of spending time away from the city.
A Wilb.Studio Project
Vlisco - Mothersday
This motion project for Vlisco was made to celebrate spring and to promote their Mothersday packaging.
A freelance project for Adrian&Gidi
Visit the home of a bird that maintains her own little paradise. A short animated film that captures the feeling that you get when entering a tropical green house: A calming atmosphere, the warm air on your face and the damp smell of the plants.
A Wilb.Studio Project
For the Love of Food
For the love of food - A series of illustrations about fancy food love or food snobbery.
Wilb.Studio Project
Shiny smartwatches! A short - blossom filled - animation about a smartwatch.
A Wilb.Studio Project
Royal Plumage
An animated illustration of royally dressed birds loosely inspired the photography of Slim Aarons.
A Wilb.Studio Project
Other Projects
This is a selection of some of the more notable projects I've worked on - that are a while ago. They are both personal and freelance projects and are a bit more diverse in style, technique and context.
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