''The long-beaked-keeper of a botanical garden welcomes you in her hilltop-home.''
I've always loved botanical gardens and the small trip to a tropical paradise they provide - I used to go there quite often, to draw plants and relax.
The feeling that you get when entering a tropical green house, the warm air on your face and the smell of the plants is something I tried to capture in this animation.
The music of this film was incredibly important to make people feel like they where in a different, warm, surreal and tropical world.

I asked Hans Nieuwenhuijsen - from Still Productions - to score the film.
He brought in Dominique Vleeshouwers to do the percussion, 
and finally, Selle Sellink did the sounddesign 

Together they made something absolutely extraordinary.

links to their work:
I've made some making-of content go give some insight into how the animation was produced:
I've separated some of the layers the building consists of:

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