We are thrilled to share our latest project - a charming holiday animation created for Bath and Body Works, featuring a delightful little mouse named Nora. In this special holiday tale, Nora explores a magical, festive world, all intricately crafted from paper. The entire animation was created in CGI, but we've utilized real paper textures to give the world a truly authentic, handcrafted feel. We've also blended traditional cell animation techniques to bring our paper-crafted character, Nora, to life. The animation will be displayed online and on screens in Bath and Body Works stores, adding an extra touch of holiday magic for shoppers. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it!
My role during the project:
My responsibilities on during this project where:
 The animated storyboard, blocking, most of the animation, modeling and shading, 
technical development, and some of the production.
 Project, Production, Design and Artdirection by Adrain & Gidi
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