Filling my living and working environment with greenery makes me very happy. 
So I decided to turn that joy into a short and snappy animation.

By: Wilb.
Sound & Music by: New Hansen & Mylow
I wanted to make the video feel happy, snappy and tactile.

For the happy part, I chose a warm color palette and used some blues for contrast.
I also designed a protagonist in bright working-clothes through which the viewer could experience the joys of gardening.

For the snappy part I used some quick close-ups that show the steps you need to take take to turn your house into a indoor jungle.
Next to the shots you can see the same shots in the original storyboard.
To make the animation feel tactile I spend a lot of time finetuning the materials. To almost make it seem that the objects in the scene where handcrafted and so that the viewer could imagine what it would feel like to touch them.
Starting production in 3D I pre-visualised the animation in the form of a animated storyboard.
I slightly adjusted the original storyboard to match-up with the final animation but it was already pretty close.
Sound is vitally important when trying to convey a story or vibe. 
Luckily, award-winning Composer Hans Nieuwenhuijsen was helping out with that.
He created a blend of music and sounddesign that elevated the project to a new level.

Check out his work on his website:

And if you are wondering where exactly my inspiration came from - this is what my work-place looks like. 

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