Freelance Projects
A animated seasons greetings card for Luxembourg.
I was responsible for the blocking, most of the animation and part of the modelling during this project.
- Project, Production, Design and Artdirection by Adrain & Gidi
A motiongraphics project about Duravermeer Bouw Hengelo's new green ambitions.
I was in charge of the animatic and animation for this project.
- Project, Production by T'Idee
- Design by Sue Cowell
A short animation about Pre-School Childcare for the Gemeente Hillegom.
I was in charge of the storyboard, animatic and animation of this project.
- Project, Production and Artdirection by Studio Teekens
- Illustrations by Iris Frankhuizen 
Personal Projects
''A young woman drives an old car along a coastal road towards a village. There is a man in the passenger seat, contemplating. Planning to shape the future of the village, as well as his own.'' - 
A film by: Wilb. (Wilbert van Veldhuizen) 
Music by Floris Kruger 
Sounddesign by Filip Degernäs 
Made for fun, without funding. 
Nominations & Awards Nominated for Best Film Shortcutz Annual Awards, 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands Winner of June Shortcutz Weekly, 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands Festivals Netherlands Film Festival Mamaris International Short Film Festival Shortcutz Amsterdam Under_the_Radar_2019 Vienna Animation Short Film Night Music Shorts Film Festival 
Reviews ‘Where is this going? I am much intrigued. Was the Church the foundation of this community? Has it been sunk into the ocean? into Hell? I watched this several times and feel challenged.' Jan Harlan, Producer (The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut) Jury-member Shortcutz Amsterdam
 ‘A weird, imaginative little folk tale, with unique animation and a terrifically atmospheric score' Hany Abu-Assad, Director (Paradise Now, Omar, The Mountain Between Us) Jury-member Shortcutz Amsterdam
''A man and his bird soar over over the desert, towards the light'' 
Birdkeeper is a animated short by: 
 Music by: Flrois Kruger
Sounddesign by: Selle Sellink -

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