''A young woman drives an old car along a coastal road towards a village. There is a man in the passenger seat, contemplating. Planning to shape the future of the village, as well as his own.''
A film by:
Wilbrand (Wilbert van Veldhuizen)
Music by Floris Kruger
Sounddesign by Filip Degernäs
Made for fun, without funding.
Nominations & Awards:

Nominated for Best Film
Shortcutz Annual Awards, 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Winner of June
Shortcutz Weekly, 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Netherlands Film Festival
Mamaris International Short Film Festival
Shortcutz Amsterdam
Under_the_Radar_2019 Vienna
Animation Short Film Night
Music Shorts Film Festival


‘Where is this going? I am much intrigued. Was the Church the foundation of this community? Has it been sunk into the ocean? into Hell? I watched this several times and feel challenged.'

Jan Harlan, Producer
(The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut)
Jury-member Shortcutz Amsterdam

‘A weird, imaginative little folk tale, with unique animation and a terrifically atmospheric score'

Hany Abu-Assad, Director

(Paradise Now, Omar, The Mountain Between Us)
Jury-member Shortcutz Amsterdam

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